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How to Maintain your Natural Hair


The media, fashion, beauty magazines and runway models all portray straight hair as more beautiful, sexy, classy and powerful, whereas natural hair is seen as unruly, unkempt and for the regular Joe’s. Based on these perceptions, many find it difficult to wear their natural hair for fear of being stigmatized or judged. This lack of confidence mostly stems from the fact that we are exposed to perm relaxers and weaves at a very young age.

Now you have decided to stop getting a perm relaxer and did the BC (big chop). But wearing natural hair is not just about taking a giant step to a new you. It’s about having the confidence that your God-given hair is yours and you will wear it with pride. The biggest issue here is that you are having second thoughts.

Maybe you have had a traumatizing experience when your mother was styling your hair or maybe you were told that natural hair is not beautiful. You may have received comments from unsupportive friends or family members that made you question the need to wear your hair in a natural state, questions such as when will you do your hair? Are you having a bad hair day? When are you getting a perm?

Your reason for not wearing your natural hair could be that you have a busy work schedule and a busy life making it difficult to set aside time to take care of your natural hair. Maybe you are just too lazy and do not see the importance of taking care of your natural hair. After all, it is just hair! There are others who argue that maintaining natural hair is costly. I am here to tell you that you don’t have to be a product junkie to take care of your natural. In my previous articles, I talked about using natural ingredients found in the kitchen to take care of your hair.

There is a difference between wearing protective styles (wigs, weaves, crochets braids, box braids etc.) from time to time to protect the natural hair from constant manipulation and environmental stress (wind, cold, sun).

But it is not okay if you cannot get out the house without wearing a wig or you don’t want to be seen with your natural hair. It is not okay if you are constantly comparing your hair growth, length and texture to that of another person. Doing this will make you impatient and frustrated and shutter your confidence in wearing you natural hair.

For those who are in a professional environment, wearing your natural hair can be a sensitive issue because you may be wondering about how to wear your hair in a natural state and still maintain professionalism and not attract wondering eyes or unpleasant remarks from co-workers. But as someone working in a corporate world, I am here to tell you that there are so many hair styles or updos that you can rock and look professional.

Wearing my natural hair has taught me a lot of things like the world will not like my hair if I do not like it first. It has taught me that there are things I do not have control over especially when it comes to shrinkage. So, the best thing is to accept it and move on. We should also enjoy the versatility of our natural hair because there is so much to do with it. You can rock a new style everyday.

Daring to wear your natural hair is easier said than done but if you put your mind to it you can do it. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Set a goal for yourself. Healthy natural hair or long hair? Remember is all about patience!


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