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About us

OdoLiv is a Swedish and Ghanaian brand that prides itself in providing high-quality indigenous sub-Saharan African cosmetic oils, butters and skin care products to its customers. At OdoLiv, we cherish Nature and love Life. “OdoLiv” works together with African women who use indigenous and sustainable methods of extracting oils and butter from nuts and seeds. The nuts and seeds are handpicked from the wild or harvested from small-scale organic farms. Our goal is to support sub-Saharan African Women and producer groups to expand and improve their livelihoods. We buy locally from these women at fair and competitive prices, while also supporting them with training and other forms of processing assistance. All our raw materials and products are from traceable sources and laboratory tested, to give our valued customers and partners the best experience. Our oils and butter are extracted by cold pressing or indigenous extraction methods that are passed on from generation to generation. All our skin care products are free from Animal testing,

No sulphates, No Parabens, No Paraffin, No mineral oils, No synthetic colours, and No synthetic fragrances.
At OdoLiv, our job is to make all our partners including you, “LoveLife” while giving you the best possible experience through our products.