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I was talking recently to a friend who told me that she can’t have natural hair because she doesn’t know how to style it. She can’t do braids, twists or flat twists and she doesn’t know of any other way of styling her hair. Well, before we judge her, let us pause for a second and reflect on this matter. Our natural hair has a mind of its own. So, you might wake up one day trying to replicate a style you saw on YouTube but it ends up a total failure. If you have never found yourself in this situation, a round of applause to you! Anyway, let me give you these scenarios:

Scenario 1: You wake up in the morning and have only 10 mins to dedicate to your hair. You are trying to replicate the hairstyle you had yesterday but can’t seem to get it to work.

Scenario 2: You did your twists or braids in the night and wake up in the morning to find that your hair is style wet and you are running late for work. So, you decide to style your hair but ends up with frizzy hair.

Scenario 3: You did your beautiful hairstyle and go out. Suddenly, there is an outpour of rain and your hair turns into a puffy afro. I could give you so many scenarios but I will stop here! But let me tell you that you can rock your natural hair whether you know how to braid and twist or not. There are many hairstyles to enjoy no matter your hair type or texture. The most important is to know what works for you.

• Wash and go is the ‘naturalistas’ favorite hairstyle. However, if your hair tangles a lot, you should do this style sparingly. An excessive amount of gel can dry your hair out and if your hair tends to be dry like mine you should turn to alternative hairstyles. Aside from the wash and go there are many other hairstyles you can rock such as:

• Twists and flat twists out, braids out, finger coils, two strand twists.

• Natural hair updos, buns, faux mohawk etc. • Milk braid/halo crown braids/Dutch braids/French braid/goddess braids. This style as the different names suggest, can be a one-touch style and double as a protective style. You can find tutorial videos of these styles on YouTube.

There are also many accessories that you can use to enhance your hairstyle such as hair bands, scarfs, fashionable hair pins (check here Finally, you can add some hair clip-ins to enhance your hair and gives it some volume especially if you have fine hair. The versatility of our natural hair is endless.

Knowing your go-to-styles and sticking to them is less frustrating when you want to rock your natural hair. I am not proscribing not trying anything new but having one or two styles that always work for you will do the trick (like a firefighter saving the situation!).

My favorite go-to styles are the flat twist side updo or roll-tuck-pin hairstyle and the afro puff which I like to rock on Fridays because let’s be honest your mind is already in weekend mode. They all take me 10 mins or less to achieve. Sometimes I style my hair in the night, put on a scarf and in the morning when I wake up, I just take off the scarf, brush some flyaways with a little bit of gel if needed and voila!

Remember, while there maybe thousand reasons why you can’t style your natural hair, there is one reason for you to rock your natural hair and it is that you are beautifully and wonderfully created!



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